BMW Oil Service

Enhanced engine performance, efficiency, and protection for your Ultimate Driving Machine.

Regular oil changes are one of the most basic maintenance services, however it is also one of the most important services you can get for your BMW. Following your regular BMW maintenance schedule, including regular oil changes is critical to prevent severe damage to your engine. When you choose BMW engine oil service, you are receiving more than just an oil change. At Circle BMW, our experts will take the time to remove/replace your oil filter and to remove/replace your BMW engine oil. Let our team at Circle BMW ensure a longer and better performing life for your BMW.


Oil Service prices start at $89.95

4 Cylinder – $89.95*

6 Cylinder – $99.95*

8 Cylinder – $124.95*

Diesel – $129.95**

M Cars – Call our M Specialist Tim at 732-440-1242

*Does not include M Cars.
**Does not include Def Fill Up.

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