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BMW Service Technician in service bay inspecting a BMW on a lift


 Sale Price: $ 189.95 Regularly $ 224.95

Visual inspection of all under-hood coolant components and report any concerns.

Add coolant flush kit and circulate through engine.  Evacuate system and install Factory BMW Coolant MOC treatment.

Call dealer for details.

EXPIRES: 03/31/2020

 Sale Price: $189.95  Regularly $214.95

Inspect under-hood fuel lines.  Perform vehicle engine model specific fuel injection system cleaning process to enhance engine performance and efficiency

Call dealer for details.

EXPIRES: 03/31/2020
BMW Lifetime / 2-Year Parts Warranty

Over time parts do wear down and possibly will need repair or to be replaced.

Receive Lifetime Warranty for the following parts sold and installed in our Service Department:

  • Shock Absorbers
  • Strut Assemblies
  • Strut Inserts
  • Mufflers
  • Starters
  • Alternators
  • Water Pumps

Have confidence in knowing that our factory Trained-Technicians have undergone intensive training and factory certifications. Your vehicle will be serviced by a technician solely focused on BMW services, ensuring the highest manufacturer standards.

Speak with your client advisor for more details.

Oil Service Prices

Oil Service Prices Starting at $89.95*

4 Cylinder – $89.95*

6 Cylinder – $99.95*

8 Cylinder – $124.95*

Diesel – $129.95**

M Cars – Call our M Specialist Tim at 732-440-1242

*Does not include M Cars.
**Does not include Def Fill Up.

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Road Hazard Program

Road Hazard Program

Beginning February 1, 2018, with the purchase of eligible tires, BMW Tire Center is offering a 12-month Road Hazard Program that provides coverage for damaged tires occurring from unexpected road hazards. These hazards include, but are not limited to potholes, sharp objects or other road debris.

Coverage eligibility is determined by date or until 2/32″ or less of tread remains, whichever comes first.

Eligible tires are BMW original equipment (OEM), original equipment alternative (OEA), and winter (WIN).

Customers may return for a tire replacement and are covered at 100% of the tire cost up to $600.00.

Speak with your service advisor for complete details.