Expect a Futuristic Assistant in Upcoming Mid-2018 BMW Models

September 28th, 2017 by

Today technology is moving faster than we could have ever imagined and when it comes to innovation in your luxury vehicle, Circle BMW supplies the latest and greatest models for drivers in Eatontown, Nj. For the release of mid-2018 models, drivers can expect a piece of technology that benefits their everyday life and here’s what future BMW buyers can look forward to.

The Amazon Alexa feature will be available for drivers to utilize via voice-control for setting scheduled dates, selecting a music playlist, ordering essential home goods, or even checking the status of your vehicle when it comes to charge and fuel status. The great thing about the new upcoming Alexa feature is that it doesn’t require a smartphone, and it is ultimately hands-free so that you can maintain your focus on the road ahead.

New digital technology is making it easier for drivers, and if you wish to experience the future now, BMW is the innovative force that provides you with everything you need.

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