BMW's luxurious all-electric executive sedan will soon be hitting the streets. And now you can be among the very first to drive the future – with the first models arriving in early 2023.

An impressive array of futuristic equipment has been lavished on the latest version of BMW’s flagship 7 Series. Designed with next-level style and substance, the i7 is undeniably alluring from the inside out. The expressive aesthetic and latest technology not only ensure your complete comfort, but transform every drive into an executive lounge.

Even if you are not in the market for the i7, which features an MSRP starting at $119,300, check out the new features. The new 7 Series exhibits some tech that will trickle down to the core BMW line-up in the future.


1. 31.3-inch rear Theatre Screen

The most surprising feature in the new 7 Series has to be the optional 31.3-inch, 8K ‘BMW Theatre Screen’, which folds down from the ceiling to transform the rear passenger zone into a fully-fledged cinema lounge. The BMW Theatre Screen has 5G connectivity via Personal eSim, up to 8K resolution, Amazon Fire TV compatibility, and integrated with the Sedan’s high-end sound system.  The luxury rear seating package also includes ventilated, heated, and massage comfort seats – perfect for revitalizing during long trips. If this doesn’t stop rear passengers complaining about boredom during long drives, then surely nothing will.

2. 36-speaker sound system

To add to the theatre-like experience, BMW offers a 1,965-watt, 36-speaker Bowers & Wilkins Diamond sound system for those looking for the ultimate audio experience.


3. BMW Interaction Bar

The BMW Interaction Bar is a large glass panel that blends into the dashboard and front doors. It produces animated lighting graphics that vary depending on the driving mode or the driver’s preference. Buttons are hidden within the glass display, which certainly adds to the 7 Series’ luxurious aesthetic.

4. BMW Curved Display

Feel connected with an all-new Curved Display and dashboard design, which features the BMW Interaction Bar. First seen on the iX, the new 7 Series also includes BMW’s Curved Display, which consists of a 14.9-inch digital instrument cluster and a 12.3-inch infotainment screen using BMW’s latest iDrive 8 software. This faceted glass bar provides both ambient and dynamic illumination – integrating controls for air vents, the glove compartment, and more. A larger Panoramic Sky Lounge LED Roof dazzles with its graphic design, brighter light intensity, dynamic LED control, and customizable colors.

5. Touch Command Screens

The new 7 Series features Touch Command screens on each door panel, enabling passengers to control the Theatre Screen and infotainment system with the touch of a fingertip, without having to stretch too far.


6. Headlights and kidney grilles

The first-ever BMW i7 makes a striking impression, with a new illuminated kidney grille and headlight design. Available Crystal Headlights are precisely crafted with the most exclusive crystal glass – making a luxurious statement while illuminating your path.

7. Adaptable platform (CLAR)

The new G70 generation 7 Series uses a modified version of BMW’s cluster architecture or CLAR for short. The platform is highly adaptable, allowing the car to be produced in pure combustion, plug-in hybrid and fully electric i7 form, all using the same platform. The i7’s 101.7kWh battery pack can fit underneath the floor, while the combustion-powered 7 series utilizes a traditional inline-six turbo petrol engine alongside a 197bhp electric motor to produce 486bhp, while an 18.7kWh battery pack can provide all-electric running.


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